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Collectible Beads, Unusual Pearls and Exotic Jewelry Supplies

Our jewelry studio is bursting with beads and findings, and every so often we will offer for sale some of our overstock items, including some very unique, high quality supplies, such as nugget gemstones, vintage beads, exotic collectible beads from around the world, lustrous and unusual freshwater cultured pearls, quality sterling silver and gold findings, jewelry designer supplies and other treasures. We have some wonderful finds to share!

Note- We are not in the business of selling jewelry making supplies-- these are actual items from our studio that we have overstocked or are no longer using in our designs, so supplies will be limited. If you would like large quantities of an item, please email us to check for availability. This page is equipped with a PayPal shopping cart. If you do not use PayPal, please fill out our Order Form.

 Giant Pearl Mix
Designer's Giant Loose Pearl Mix!

A giant mix of large, top quality, A-AA Grade unusually shaped glowing white cultured pearls, over 71 grams (2.5 ounces!), for jewelry designers and beaders who like to play! Sizes are mostly 8mm and over, with many up to 12mm and over, and a few smaller in the 6mm range, just for variety. Shapes may include coin, button, baroque, elliptic, potato, round, semi-round, rice, double, stick and keishi. Every lot is slightly different, but all are very lustrous, high quality freshwater cultured pearls that we use in our own designs, which will enhance your creative jewelry and beading designs! Bonus- We will also include absolutely free another half ounce of very pretty, but slightly lesser quality white pearls, for a full 3 ounces of gorgeous genuine cultured pearls! Item No. SP101, $69.95.
 Giant 9x11 White Baroque Rice Pearls
Huge White Baroque Rice Pearls!

Gorgeous, A+ grade giant 9x11 to 10x12mm cultured pearls. Absolutely top quality freshwater cultured pearls, with fabulous luster, in beautiful baroque and double shapes. The picture does not do these justice, there are no dull spots on any of these! Unfinished 16" strands (approximately 35 pearls, weighing 45-50 grams), sold here by the strand. Item No. SP102, $57.75.


Just a note about coin pearls, for our fellow jewelry makers! As a general rule, coin pearls are cultured pearls made using shaped forms implanted in the oysters. This is similar to the process used for saltwater Akoya cultured pearls, only the implants are shaped instead of round. Exceptions that I have seen that do not have implants include the fabulous American or Tennessee natural freshwater pearls, some of which are coin shaped, but you would pay a small fortune for those.

Now, this is not to say that cultured coin pearls are bad. After all, there are bad Akoya round cultured pearls, including many that you will see in well known jewelry stores and department stores. See our pearl information page for an ABC news expose on that! Likewise, there are some bad coin pearls on the market these days, in which you can see the outline of the implants, and sometimes even see the implants through the thin nacre. However, many coin pearls are extraordinarily lovely, with wonderfully thick nacre. Go to the bead and jewelry shows and look. Hold them up to the light and see if you can see the implant. Look at the thickness of the nacre, as compared to the shaped implant. After you have compared a good strand to a mediocre strand, you won't forget the difference.

As to the color, although most wholesale suppliers don't tell us this, or much at all, it is safe to assume that the very unusual colored pearls, such as gold and black, are irradiated to get these colors, whch you don't often find in nature, at least not at an affordable price. Most white pearls are treated as well, by bleaching. If a seller doesn't say natural colored pearls, and sometimes even when they do say it, you can assume that the pearls are irradiated or treated to alter the color. That's our lesson for the day, and there will be a pop quiz. :)

 12x14 Oval Gold Coin Pearls Lustrous 9x14mm Oval Gold Coin Pearls!

Stunning, large 9x14mm oval gold cultured coin pearls. Fantastic, big gold oval coin pearls, perfect for jewelry to complement the new fall and winter fashions! We only have a few strands left, better grab one quick! Sold per unfinished 16" strand. ALL SOLD. More unusual pearls will be added soon!
 12 1/2mm Rainbow Black Coin Pearls Shimmering 12 1/2mm Rainbow Black Coin Pearls!

Fantastic, large 12 1/2mm Rainbow Black Coin Pearls. These are super, the picture does not show the shimmering raven's wing rainbow shades on these incredible rainbow black coin pearls. We love these, but just bought too many, so get yours while they last! Sold per unfinished 16" strand. ALL SOLD. More unusual pearls will be added soon!

Gorgeous, giant 14mm South Sea shell pearls- unfinished strands.
Gorgeous 14mm South Sea shell pearls- unfinished strands 14mm South Sea shell pearls- unfinished 16" strands.

These beautiful South Sea shell pearls are hand crafted from the shells of South Ocean pearl mollusks and polished to a high gloss to look and feel just like giant South Sea or Tahitian pearls. Natural pearls of this size and grade could cost up to $15,000 each, but these beauties look virtually identical and cost a mere fraction of the price! Subtle variations in shape on each pearl, the gorgeous natural looking colors, and the heavy weight of the pearls contribute to the overall impression of natural South Sea Pearls.

We bought a large lot and have some extras to share- You may order them in white, multi-color or black. The white pearls are a beautiful silvery white. The black pearls, like their natural counterparts, are not a true onyx black, but are rather a very dark gray with just a hint of a bronze overtone. The harlequin or multi-color pearls are different and beautiful subtle shades of black, pewter, bronze, silver, green, and gold, the same shades found in nature.

These are shown much smaller than actual size. Click on the picture for a larger view. Remember, these are very large pearls, over a half inch in diameter, and heavy, just like natural South Sea pearls. There are about 26 pearls per 16 inch strand. Make sure to double knot them when stringing. By double knotting and using a large clasp, you should be able to make a 15-16 inch classic South Sea pearl necklace plus a pair of earrings from each 16 inch strand.

To purchase finished jewelry made with these incredible shell pearls, click the link to go to our South Sea shell pearl jewelry page.

14mm white shell pearl strand.
Item No. SPSPW 114.95.

14mm multi-color shell pearl strand.
Item No. SPSPH 114.95.

14mm black shell pearl strand.
Item No. SPSPB 114.95.

Giant 64 inch finished strand 8mm Peach Pearls! Giant 64 inch finished knotted strand 8mm Peach Pearls!

We are not sure where these came from, they were hiding out in the pearl drawers in the back of the studio! Here is a whopping 64 inch long, knotted, finished continuous strand of 8mm baroque pillow type peach pearls, weighing in at 3.75 ounces! That's the equivalent of four regular 16 inch strands. You could have a lot of fun with these, wear them as a necklace (you can triple them around your neck, the strand is so long) or take them apart and make oodles of jewelry. Not the highest grade of pearl, but lustrous and pretty.

We only have one of these strands, we are pricing it to sell. Don't let it be lonely, give it a good home! One finished, knotted 64 inch strand of peach pillow pearls. SOLD. Look for more unusual items soon.

20 inch 20 strand vintage seed bead necklace! Vintage Seed Bead 20 inch 20 Strand Necklace

Another lovely lurker in our studio, here's a beautiful vintage seed bead necklace, in shades of amethyst, metallic gold, amber and lilac. The picture is not properly showing the colors, they are really elegant and lustrous. 20 inches long, with 20 beautiful strands of vintage glass seed beads, including 8 strands of medium amethyst (looks black in the picture, but is not), 4 strands of metallic gold, 4 strands of amber, and four strands of lavender glass beads. The clasp is goldtone with bell caps, and the necklace twists to form an 18 inch choker. Perfect with the new fall colors, or take this apart and use the wonderful vintage seed beads in your jewelry and beading projects! I think that must be why we originally bought it, but it hasn't been used, so out it must go! We only have one of these, and we are pricing it to sell. Vintage seed bead necklace SOLD Look for more unusual items soon!

Please bookmark this page and check back often for more collectible beads, unusual pearls and exotic jewelry making supplies!

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